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Does not work

It does work with my iPhone 7. No sound comes out at all. 😢

Doesn’t work anymore

iPhone SE running iOS 11

Does not work

Doesn’t work at all on my iPhone 7 Plus with IOS.

64 bits!!!

This cow bell is better than ever now that it supports 64 bits!

64 Bit!

I am so glad that a little piece of old school iPhone use is going to survive. Thanks devs for taking the time to make sure we can continue to live a little in the past.

Great Fun! (but, needs more cowbell....)

Thanks for a fun app! Just start the song you want to play along with in iTunes, then launch More Cowbell! I've even started a "More Cowbell" playlist. Only two, so far - the obvious, plus "Incense and Peppermint". Must find MORE COWBELL! edit: To those who are wanting it to play by shaking the iPhone: That's NOT how a cowbell is played as a percussive instrument. It doesn't have a clapper. It's STRUCK. Holding the iPhone in one hand, and tapping with the other is the closest to the actual method. A drumstick wouldn't work because the iPhone's sensor isn't pressure sensitive (besides, I wouldn't want to be treating the iPhone that way...) edit 6/26/17: THANK YOU for 64-bit! Of all the apps I need updates for, I never would have expected one blast from the past. It gives me hope for my other forlorn apps!

Pretty good, but playing fast is impossible

It doesn't register many hits when you are hitting it a lot. Other than that, it's great.

Cool Cool

Now we can qll be Will Ferrell


One of the first few apps I bought years ago that I still use :)

When does V2 come out?

I gotta have more cowbell.

Don't waste your time – really lame.

I wanted to like this. But there are so many other better rhythm apps available. This maxes out at about one beat per half-second, for one thing. A lame effort.

Cowbell pitch doesn't work

The cowbell's pitch doesn't work in iOS8. 😠Boooooo 👎. Down to 1 star.

Sound Problem!?

The cowbell does not make a sound on iOS 7. Please fix this!


…you just GOTTA have more cowbell. Duh!

Doesn't work

On iOS 7 it does not even play the cowbell sound. The only thing I can make it do is play my power song. PS, add iOS theme to app. It looks old now.


This app has changed my life.

This app is 💩

Do not waste your time or memory on this app.


All you do is tap a cowbell that only makes one noise and this guy says I gotta have more cowbell

I Love It

Because moar cowbell.

Not very fun

This game is really pointless. I don't get it at all.😕

I love it!!!

One can always use more cowbell.

Worst app you've ever played

All you just do is just play with baby instruments and you don't do anything all you just do is play dumb instruments

Just gettin free

4 stars haha

Doesn't WORK!

Wasted my money. Don't waste yours.


Not sure why so many poor ratings. Does what it says. Great way to get more cowbell in your life.

Support over?

Does not work on ios 5.1. The party trick is over.

This is not the maverick software llc. Game I know!

I got bored with it, unlike your other games. I thought there were more instruments on this app. This not the game from you I now! P.s. those reviews might be fake.

Don't buy!

It sounds nothing like a cowbell! This app is stupid. Save your money!

Crash crash crash

Hasn't worked in over six months...

Version 2.0.1 Crashes iOS 3.1.3 - iPhone 3G: Version 1.5.1 still works

This old app still makes me smile. Version 2.0.1 crashes iOS 3.1.3 on iPhone 3G. Installed, full restart = App crash on startup. Reverted to version 1.5.1, all still works. Gotta Have More Cowbell! (iOS 3.1.3 on iPhone 3G is intentional; Upgrading to iOS 4+ slows/degrades iPhone 3G performance...)

Still Crashing After Update!

I love this app when it works! Please fix it, I miss my cowbell. :(

I gotta have just cowbell. Thanks!!!

Bumped to 5 stars for responding to popular suggestions (and, I'm embarrassed to say, my grumpy complaint). I LOVE that you can now set the main screen to the classic Version 1.0 look. Nice work!

What happened?

Used this app for a while. But now it crashes every time I try to open it. This problem goes back to at least March 2011. Hello?


Ugly, and devoid of any feature that would make it fun. The configuration ui is ancient and inefficient. Apparently you can screw up even something so conceptually simple.

This app is awesome

I dont see why everyone is calling this pointless, this+were not gonna take it= the most fun app ever

A prescription to relieve a fever!!

This is my all-time favorite app!! When you launch the app, you can hear Christopher Walken demanding more cowbell!! I've had this app on my iPod Touch longer than any app!! I've had no issues after the numerous updates, and I still come back to this app to quench my fever for more cowbell!

Crashes when it opens

I would have given this app five stars (seeing as it has given me hours of childlike glee) but it doesn't work anymore after a recent update. Please fix it.

Epic cowbell


I think this app is epic. No, it doesn't technically have a point, but who cares! It's hilarious. The only negative thing is that there is a slight sound lag from the time I tap the cowbell. So it sounds a bit off when I play music. But other than that, this rocks(:

What a mistake!!! :(

This app has NO point! I just bought it and relizied it was a waste of money ! There is only 5 instruments!!!!!! :(


Dose not make sense


What!? This app was really funny... Until the latest update... Now the app closes itself EVERY time you try to open it. This was one of my favorite apps :( I have the whole Maverick collection :( Please fix it!!


Worst maverick app EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Fix the crash!!!

I loves this app, but it crashes on startup

Make it iOS4 compatible

It used to be a great funny app but now with the new software as soon as you open it, the app crashes

Crashes on iOS4...

Since upgrading to iOS4, it consistently crashes when opened. Worthless until updated...

Not wrth it

No point to it. If u could put zero stars I would. All u do is tap and it keeps count there is no point to it at all. To bad you can't get refunds. But I like all there food apps. They should stick with that.

Not worth your money

This app has reAlly no point. I love all of the other more...! Series but I think this one was a mistake


It keeps crashing on me!! Help it please!


Deleted it. Glad I got it when it was free because it's a waste of time and money to pay for it. Like most apps, this joke gets old quick. Yawn.

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